Paradise Garage Sound System – Red – A2


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Title: Paradise Garage Sound System – Red – A2
Artist: Misfit
Medium: Fine Art Giclee Print – Art grade 300gsm paper
Size: 594mm x 420 (A2)
Edition: Limited edition of 5
Price:  £69

This limited edition Giclee print honours the sound system at  the infamous Paradise Garage nightclub in NY. An acoustic revolution orchestrated by the maestro of beats himself, DJ Larry Levan. This print displays the circuit diagram of the sound system, a meticulously crafted symphony of audio engineering designed by Richard Long.  

Long was a wizard whose genius elevated the art of sound in nightclubs to unparalleled heights. Long’s innovation wasn’t just about volume; it was about clarity, depth, and an immersive experience that could make a heartbeat synchronise with the bassline.

Larry Levan wielded this sonic arsenal with unparalleled finesse, turning the Garage into an auditory haven. The sound system wasn’t just a backdrop; it was a character in the Paradise Garage saga. Long’s design, featuring the iconic Infinity speakers and the “Levan Horn,” was a testament to a partnership that created magic on the dance floor. The beats weren’t just heard; they were felt, an immersive journey that Larry Levan guided with the precision of a musical virtuoso.

As the beats echoed off the garage walls, the Paradise Garage became a pilgrimage site for audiophiles and dance enthusiasts alike. Larry Levan wasn’t just a DJ; he was a sonic sorcerer, using the sound system as his wand to cast spells of joy and liberation. The Paradise Garage wasn’t merely a club; it was an acoustic utopia where music wasn’t just played, it was worshipped…the blueprint of all modern nightclubs.

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